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BrumiR is an algorithm that is able to discover miRNAs directly and exclusively from sRNA-seq data. It was benchmarked with datasets encompassing animal and plant species using real and simulated sRNA-seq experiments. The results show that BrumiR reaches the highest recall for miRNA discovery, while at the same time being much faster and more efficient than the state-of-the-art tools evaluated. The latter allows BRUMIR to analyse a large number of sRNA-seq experiments, from plant or animal species. Moreover, BrumiR detects additional information regarding other expressed sequences (sRNAs, isomiRs, etc.), thus maximising the biological insight gained from sRNA-seq experiments. Finally, when a reference genome is available, BrumiR provides a new mapping tool (BrumiR2Reference) that performs a posteriori an exhaustive search to identify the precursor sequences. For more information about the algorithmic ideas behind BrumiR, please read the preprint available in bioRxiv. The software itself is available here.

Contact: Carol Moraga and Marie-France Sagot.

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