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The participants to the Inria Associate team COMPASSO are:

On the French side:

  • Giuseppe ITALIANO: Full Professor, University of Rome Tor Vergata.
  • Alberto MARCHETTI-SPACCAMELA: Full Professor, Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Arnaud MARY: Associate Professor UCBL.
  • Marie-France SAGOT: Coordinator and Senior Researcher Inria.
  • Blerina SINAIMERI: Junior Researcher Inria.
  • Leen STOUGIE: CWI and Free University of Amsterdam.
  • Alain VIARI: Senior Researcher Inria.
  • Ricardo Luiz de ANDRADE ABRANTES: Post-Doc funded by Fapesp, also in collaboration with the French Team, currently in a long visit in Erable.
  • Henri Taneli PUSA: PhD in Computational Biology (Sept/2015-Dec/2018 funded by H2020 ITN project MicroWine).
  • Irene ZISKA: PhD in Computational Biology (Oct/2017-Sep/2020 funded by Inria).

On the Portuguese side:

  • Alexandra CARVALHO: Assistant Professor, IST.
  • Mario FIGUEIREDO: Full Professor, IST.
  • Alexandre FRANCISCO: Associate Professor, IST.
  • Ana Teresa FREITAS: Full Professor, IST.
  • Nuno MIRA: Assistant Professor, IST.
  • Arlindo OLIVEIRA: Full Professor, IST.
  • Susana VINGA: Coordinator and Associate Professor, IST.
  • André VERÍSSIMO: PhD student.

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