Marie-France Sagot

Brief bio

My research career started in Brazil, my maternal country of birth, in 1988, at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of São Paulo, city and state of São Paulo. This happened after a gap of approximately 14 years which shaped the path I followed from that moment on. It explains also why I could only start my PhD at 38.

My background is in mathematics (mainly graph theory, discrete maths, combinatorics) and in algorithmics. I met biology when coming to Paris, France (my second, paternal, country), for a Master in Theoretical Computer Science. I learnt biology as I went on with my studies into a PhD.

That I managed to do a PhD so late in life is due to the help of some passionate people with a free spirit and a generous heart. That I managed to continue after my PhD is the result of having always had the chance to meet various other like-minded people at key moments along my life.

The work mentioned in the pages of this website is the result of many collaborations with these and other persons, as is the whole of science. I was lucky that many such collaborations blossomed into lifelong friendships.

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