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The participants to the Inria Associated Team ALEGRIA are:

    On the French side, current members:

    • Marie-France SAGOT: Senior Researcher Inria.
    • Arnaud MARY: Associate Professor UCBL.
    • Mariana GALVÃO FERRARINI: PhD in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (Nov/2012-Nov/2015). Mariana will defend her PhD on December 10, 2015. She will continue in ERABLE and in ALEGRIA as a postdoc.
    • Martin WANNAGAT: PhD in Computational Biology (Nov/2013-Nov/2016).
    • Leandro ISHI SOARES DE LIMA: PhD in Computational Biology (Fev/2015-Jan/2018 Ciência Sem Fronteira funding).
    • Carol MORTAGA: PhD in Computational Biology (Sept/2016-Aug/2019 funded by Conicyt).
    • Henri Taneli PUSA: PhD in Computational Biology (Sept/2015-Aug/2018 H2020 ITN project).

    and past members:

    • Christian BAUDET: Post-Doc (Jan/2011-Sept/2015) – Background: PhD in Computer Science (2006-2010), MSc in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (2005-2006) and BSc in Computer Engineering (1999-2003).
    • Susan HIGASHI: PhD in Computational Biology (July/2011-Nov/2014), Post-Doc (Dec/2014-May/2015) – Background: MSc in Computational Modelling (2009-2011) and BSc in Computer Science (2006-2009).
    On the Brazilian side, current members:

    • Andréa RODRIGUES ÁVILA: Researcher – Government employee, permanent position – FIOCRUZ.
    • Sheila NARDELLI: Young researcher fellowship – Science without Borders program – (Oct/2013-Sept/2016).
    • Samuel GOLDENBERG: Senior Researcher.
    • Mariana SERPELONI: Post-Doc (Aug/2015-Jul/2016).
    • Halisson TESSEROLI MIOT: PhD student in Bioscience (Mar/2014-Feb/2018).
    • Priscila MAZZOCCHI HIRAIWA: PhD student in Biosciences (Mar/2012-Feb/2016).

    and past members:

    • Alexandre INOUE HARUO: PhD student in Biosciences (Mar/2011-Feb/2015).
    • Ize DE AGUIAR BETTENCOURT: MSc student in Biosciences (Mar/2013-Feb/2015).

    Additionally, two other researchers were contacted in Nov 2016 for a collaboration on the regulation and metabolic aspects of the project, one from FIOCRUZ Curitiba and the other from the University of São Paulo. Both have expressed interest in this collaboration. Their names will be added soon here.

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