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ITN MicroWine

H2020-­MSCA-­ETN-­2014 project MicroWine

Coordinator: Lars Hestbjerg Hansen, Department of Environmental Science – Enviromental microbiology & biotechnology, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Danemark.
Duration: 2015-2018

Brief description
A diverse, complex, and poorly characterised community of microorganisms lies at the heart of the wine. These microorganisms play key roles at all stages of the viniculture and vinification processes, from helping the plants access nutrients from the soil, driving the plants’ health through protection against pathogens, to the fermentation process that transforms the must into wine with its complex array of aromas and flavours.

The main aim of MicroWine was to gain an improved understanding of such microbial community and of its interplay with the wine.

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