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Work in progress

Work done in 2020

  • Two papers in revision (in italics, members from Capoeira):
    • M. Ferrarini, L. Nisimura, R. Girard, M. Alencar, M. Fragoso, C. Araújo-Silva, A. Veiga, A. P. Abud, S.Nardelli, R. Vommaro, A. Silber, M.-F. Sagot, and A. Ávila. DCA and Pyruvate metabolism: Dehydrogenase kinases as targets worth investigating for effective therapy of toxoplasmosis.
    • I. Ziska, R. Andrade, M. Ferrarini, A. Julien-Laferrière, L. Duchemin, R. Marcondes César Jr., A. Mary, S. Vinga, M.-F. Sagot. TOTORO: Identifying active reactions during the transient state for metabolic perturbations.
  • Submission of an UCL-Fapesp project whose results should have been known at the end of August 2020 but which have been delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. The notification arrived only at the end of October: the project is accepted. Notice however that the limit for using the funds received (35 keuros on the French side is December 2021).
  • Initial discussion for the submission of a CNRS IRP project to be submitted in 2021.

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