Ecole polytechnique – INF585 – Programming C++ (X2011 – First semester 2014)

This course consisted of nine sessions of four hours each. The first three sessions provided an introduction to programming in C++ (two hours of class, two hours of programming exercises). The first half of the fourth session was an introduction to popular C++ libraries.

These are the slides of the four class sessions:

Here are the solutions to the exercises:

The second half of the fourth session served to choose and setup the students’ project. It was decided that the project developed by the students would be a multi-player poker game, with a graphical user interface and an artificial intelligence. The students were organized into four teams. The code was developed collaboratively thanks to a SVN repository hosted at sourceforge. The students organized their work using Trello boards.

Here are the students’ final presentations:

The source code of the project can be obtained here.

Here are screenshots of the game:

menu Screenshot

Multi-body dynamics simulation (MOSIG 2011 course)

These are the notes for the MOSIG 2011 course:


Supplementary information:

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