alytical Analyzer of  Symmetries is a software for detection and assessment of the quality of symmetry in a protein assembly. It can compute axes of symmetry for any type of point groups (Cyclic, Dihedral and Cubic).


Figure 1: Schematic workflow of the AnAnaS algorithm.

The process of symmetry detection is divided into several steps. At the beginning, only information about the coordinates of atoms and the sequence for each chain is available :

  1. The chains are clustered into symmetric sets.
  2. The correspondences are computed between different chains of symmetric sets.
  3. The axes are computed to minimize the asymmetry of the assembly


This software can :

  1. Detect the best axes of symmetry for any symmetry group in an assembly containing the right amount of chains.
  2. Provide the symmetry-aware RMSD for these axes.
  3. Detect the best axis of symmetry for cyclic assemblies with missing subunits.
  4. Compute the axes of symmetry with user-provided correspondences.


Guillaume Pagès1 & Sergei Grudinin1,

1Nano-D team, Inria/CNRS Grenoble, France
e-mail: Sergei.Grudinin @


AnAnaS for MacOS (v. 1.1)

AnAnaS for Linux (v. 1.1)

AnAnaS for Windows (v. 0.6)

AnAnaS Manual and examples

AnAnaS GUI is available at



All rights reserved. The academic version is free. Source code is available on demand.

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