Hadrien Gurnel Ph.D. Defense

Hadrien Gurnel  will be defending his PhD on the 16th of January (Thursday) at 10am, at IRT b-com (1219 avenue des Champs Blancs, 35510, Cesson-Sévigné), in the Hypermedia room
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Needle comanipulation with haptic guidance for percutaneous interventions

Keywordsmedical, percutaneous interventions, needle, guidance, haptics, comanipulation

Abstract: This thesis falls in the context of Computer-Assisted Medical and Surgical Gestures, and it deals with the development of methods for guiding the gesture of needle insertion during percutaneous interventions. The latter consist in inserting a needle into the patient’s skin through an entry point, in order to reach a target. Currently, the medical gesture of needle insertion is mostly performed manually, and it is complex because visibility and tactile sensations are limited through the entry point. Even though the intervention is assisted with some visual feedback provided by an intra-operative imaging modality, such as ultrasound, the sense of touch of the physician is not assisted in any way yet. Hence, the goal of this thesis is to propose solutions for guiding the gesture of needle insertion by stimulating the physician’s sense of touch. The first contribution of this thesis is a gesture-guidance framework prototype, dedicated to percutaneous interventions performed with a comanipulated needle. This means that the needle is collaboratively manipulated by the physician and a system called comanipulator, in a shared workspace. This framework prototype makes it possible to design and test, both in simulation and in real conditions, methods for guiding the gesture of needle insertion with haptics. The second contribution of this thesis is the design of five haptic guides that help the physician correctly pre-position the needle on an entry point, with a desired angle of incidence, at the surface of some tissues. A two-stage evaluation was conducted to assess the performance and ergonomy of each guide and to compare them to the unassisted reference gesture.


Jury members
Reviewers                 Pierre Vieyres, Professor, Orléans University
Céline Fouard, Associate Professor, Grenoble Alpes University
Examiners                 Christian Duriez, Research Director, Inria Lille – Nord Europe Research Centre
Bruno Arnaldi, Professor, INSA Rennes
Supervisors               Alexandre Krupa, Research Scientist, Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique Research Centre
Maud Marchal, Associate Professor, INSA Rennes
Guest                        Laurent Launay, Applications Director, IRT b<>com

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