ViSP: Visual Servoing platform

ViSP2 (ViSP states for “Visual Servoing Platform”) is a modular software that allows fast development of visual servoing applications. Visual servoing consists in specifying a task as the regulation of a set of visual features. Various issues have thus to be considered in the design of such applications: among these issues we find the control of robots motions, the modeling of the visual features, and the tracking of the visual measurements. Our environment features a wide class of control skills as well as a library of real-time tracking processes and a simulation toolkit.

Development website: Visp is available here.


Bib2html is a BibTEX to HTML translator. It is written in C++.

The purpose of this software is to automatically produce html pages from BibTEX files, and to provide access to the BibTEX entries by several criteria: year of publication, category of publication, keywords, author name. Moreover cross-linking is generating between pages to provide an easy navigation through the pages without going back to the index.

Development website: Bib2Html is available here.

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