UsTK project


Ultrasound ToolKit C++ library



Project description

UsTK, standing for Ultrasound ToolKit, is a cross-platform extension of ViSP software dedicated to two- and three-dimensional ultrasound image processing and visual servoing based on ultrasound images. Written in C++, UsTK architecture provides a core module that implements all the data structures at the heart of UsTK, a grabber module that allows to acquire ultrasound images from an Ultrasonix or a Sonosite device, a gui module to display data, an io module for providing functionalities to read/write data from a storage device, and a set of image processing modules to compute confidence maps of ultrasound images, to track a needle, and to track an image template. All these modules could be used to control the motion of an ultrasound probe by ultrasound visual servoing.


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