Former PhD students: 

  • Bart Lamiroy (PhD 1996), ass. professor Université de Lorraine, Nancy
  • Nicolas Andreff (PhD 1999), professor U. Franche-Comté, Besançon.
  • David Demirdjian (PhD 2000), research scientist Vectra, Boston
  • Andreas Ruf (PhD 2001), European Patent Office, Munich
  • Krystian Mikolajczyk (PhD 2002), reader U. Surrey
  • Cristian Sminchisescu (PhD 2002), professor U. Lund
  • Adrien Bartoli (PhD 2003), professor U. Clermont-Ferrand
  • Marta Wilczkowiak (PhD 2004), Senior Eng. MathWorks, Cambridge
  • Jean-Sebastien Franco (PhD 2005), ass. professor ENSIMAG, Grenoble
  • Guillaume Dewaele (PhD 2005), professor, Angers
  • David Knossow (PhD 2007), research scientist Artefacto, Rennes
  • Clément Menier (PhD 2007), CTO 4D View Solutions
  • Pau Gargallo I Piracés (PhD 2008),
  • Andrei Zaharescu (PhD 2008), CTO
  • Daniel Weinland (PhD 2008), research scientist Siemens, Munich
  • Diana Mateus (PhD 2009), researcher TUM, Munich
  • Ramya Narasimha (PhD 2010), research scientist Ricoh Innovations
  • Vasil Khalidov (PhD 2010), research engineer IDIAP, Martigny
  • Kiran Varanasi (PhD 2010), research scientist Technicolor, Rennes
  • Avinash Sharma (PhD 2012), research scientist XRCI, India
  • Jordi Sanchez-Rieira (PhD 2013), postdoc Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
  • Xavier Alameda-Pineda (PhD 2013), postdoc U Trento (2014-2016), chargé de recherche INRIA Grenoble since December 2016.
  • Antoine Deleforge (PhD 2013), postdoc FAU, Erlangen (2014-2015), chargé de recherche INRIA Rennes since January 2016.
  • Kaustubh Kulkarni (PhD Student 2010-2015)
  • Maxime Janvier (PhD Student 2012-2014)

Former post-docs, researchers, and engineers:

  • Matti Niskanen (2004-2005), CTO Visidon, Oulu, Finland
  • Miles Hansard (2006-2011), lecturer Queen Mary University London
  • Fabio Cuzzolin (2007-2009), reader Oxford Brookes University
  • Etienne von Lavante (2009-2010), research scientist Mirada Medical, Oxford
  • Simone Gasparini (2009-2011), ass. professor ENSEEIHT Toulouse
  • Jan Cech (2010-2013), assistant professor Czech Technical University, Prague
  • Pierre Arquier (2012-2015), manager at Neovision, Meylan
  • Georgios Evangelidis (2011-2015), computer vision scientist at DAQRI, Ireland.
  • Quentin Pelorson (2012-2016), engineer at 4D Views Solutions.
  • Sileye Ba (2014-2016), computer vision scientist at VideoStitch, Paris.
  • Fabien Badeig (2015-2016), research engineer at Ecole des Mines, Saint-Etienne, France.


Maxime Janvier

  Maxime Janvier is a PhD student in the PERCEPTION team at INRIA, directed by Radu Horaud. He received his Master of Science and Engineer’s degree (with honors) in Signal Processing from Grenoble Institute of Technology (France) in 2012. He’s currently conducting its research on “Sound Recognition in a Robotic Context” or how a robot …

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Antoine Deleforge

Biography I received the engineering B.Sc. (2008) and the M.Sc. (2010) degrees in computer science and mathematics from the Ensimag engineering school (Grenoble, France), as well as the specialized M.Sc. research degree in computer graphics, vision and robotics from the Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France). In November 2013, I received the Ph.D. degree in computer …

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Fabien Badeig

I am a R&D engineer within the PERCEPTION team at INRIA Grenoble. I am currently involved in the European project EARS. I’m working on NAO robot and on audio tools development. I’m interested in robotics, signal processing and vision. Contact INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes 655, avenue de l’Europe 38330 Montbonnot Saint-Martin France mail : fabien DOT …

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Georgios Evangelidis

  Georgios Evangelidis (Γεώργιος Ευαγγελίδης) has been a researcher in the PERCEPTION team at INRIA from March 2011 and until December 2015. He received his Diploma, MSc (with honors) and Phd degree in Computer Science from the University of Patras (Greece) in 2001, 2003 and 2008 respectively. He was teaching at the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa (Greece) …

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Kaustubh Kulkarni

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Quentin Pelorson

Bonjour. I am a software developer engineer within the PERCEPTION team at INRIA Grenoble. I received a Master of Science degree in Computer science specialization Image and Geometry from University of Grenoble, France, September 2012. I work on 3D high resolution reconstruction using data from RGB cameras and Time-Of-Flight cameras in the Mixcam Project. I have been in charge …

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Rémi Juge

I am an intern at INRIA in the Perception team. I worked on under the supervision of Stéphane Lathuilière. Keywords : Contact Email: remi.juge(at)

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Richard Thomas Marriott

I am an intern at INRIA in the Perception team. I worked on sound localization and slam under the supervision of Radu Horaud. Keywords : slam, sound localization Contact Email:

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Sileye Ba

Location: INRIA Rhône-Alpes Phone: 0033 (0) 476615208 Mail: sileye dot ba at inria dot fr Publications   Supervision Since March 2016: Senior researcher at VideoStitch working on computer vision and machine learning models for 360 video stitching and virtual reality. From now on this page is no longer maintained. May 2014- February 2016: Researcher in the …

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