New paper in Eurographics 2019

A paper accepted in Eurographics 2019 and Computer Graphics Forum thanks to Axel Lopez.

A. Lopez, J. Pettré, E. Marchand, F. Chaumette. Character navigation in dynamic environments based on optical flow. Computer Graphics Forum, (Eurographics 2019 Proceeding), To appear, 38(2), May 2019.

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MoSART accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI

MoSART accepted in Frontiers in Robotics an AI – Virtual Environment thanks to Guillaume Cortes

G. Cortes, E. Marchand, G. Brincin, A. Lécuyer. MoSART: Mobile Spatial Augmented Reality for 3D Interaction with Tangible Objects. Frontiers in Robotics and AI – Virtual Environments, To appear, 2018.

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