Team members

Team Leader

Permanent Researchers

Permanent Engineers

  • Ivan Guéguen, TSE Ifsttar
  • Vincent Le Cam, ITPE-Ing. Ifsttar

Research & Development Engineers

PhD students


Administrative Assistants

  • Hélène de la Ruée, Inria
  • Yveline Gourbil, Ifsttar


Former members

  • Frédéric Gillot, Associate Professor, in delegation from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, now at UMI 3757: CNRS-TOHOKU University, Japan
  • Mathieu Le Pen, engineer
  • Ludovic Gavérina, postdoc, now at ONERA
  • Nicolas Le Touz, PhD 2018, now at CEA
  • Antoine Crinière, research&development engineer at SCALIAN
  • Guillaume Gautier, postdoc
  • Delwar Bhuyan, PhD 2017, now postdoc at BAM
  • Nassif Berrabah, PhD 2017, now EDF R&D
  • Saeid Allahdadian, PhD 2017, University of British Columbia
  • Subhamoy Sen, postdoc Inria, now assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
  • Dominique Siegert, researcher (CR) Ifsttar
  • Liangquan Zhang, postdoc Inria, now lecturer at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Jordan Broons, postdoc IFSTTAR, now CTO of ecotropy
  • Alexandre Nassiopoulos, researcher (CR) Ifsttar, now CEO of ecotropy
  • Mohamed Oumri, PhD 2014, now at University of Picardie, France
  • Philppe Mellinger, CIFRE PhD 2014, now at CEA, Paris
  • Ahmed Jhinaoui, PhD 2014, now at Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
  • Luciano Marin, PhD 2013