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Cédric Bertolt Nzouatchoua

I am a PhD student at IRT Jules Verne. My thesis began on 02/11/2020 and the supervision is divided between the LAUM laboratory at the University of Le Mans and the SII of COSYS laboratory at the Gustave Eiffel University.

Research interests / field of activity

My work revolves around the real-time monitoring of the state of health of industrial structures and maintains their integrity over time/SHM & NVH.

Short bio

I have an engineering degree in Vibrations/Acoustics obtained at ENSIM (Le Mans) post license (in physics and applications) obtained at the Faculty of sciences of the university of Douala.
I did a 6-month R&D engineer internship at the automotive supplier Valeo in Annemasse where I worked in the field of haptics before beginning my thesis.

Recent highlights

Localisation of a damage on an aluminium plate using a sparse reconstruction algorithm with piezoelectric transducers.


Avenue Olivier Messiaen
72085 Le Mans, France
Phone : +33 6 61 30 38 59
E-Mail : cedric.nzouatchoua[at]