Logiciels et développements

PEGASE (Plate-forme Experte Générique pour Applications Sans-fil Embarquées – Expert generic platform for embedded wireless applications) is a generic and high level wireless sensor platform. PEGASE 2 is the technological successor of the previous PEGASE platform. It was launched in 2015. Using a Linux embedded OS, a principle of modularity with a large collection of daughter boards, an internal GPS to time stamp data, PEGASE supports both IFSTTAR and Inria developments. Intensive works have been done on the Linux OS, the SDK and hardware integration of efficient energy consumption and multiple daughter boards for different applications. The PEGASE platform is commercially distributed by A3IP.

ISTL (Inverse Scattering for Transmission Lines) is a software for electrical cable fault diagnosis and for mechanical structure monitoring, respectively in the fields of electrical engineering and civil engineering. It is commercially distributed by SciWorks Technologies for both industrial and academic users. The innovative software for soft fault diagnosis in electrical cables is based on recent research results.

ReTrofiT (REal Time state paRameter indentiFIcation Toolbox for building energy services) is a high-level programming environment for Matlab devoted to tackle continuous optimization problems. It natively handles the adjoint state framework to provide fast and efficient model calibration techniques using sensor data. ReTrofiT is first of all a simulation tool for evaluating the thermal behavior of buildings and computing energy consumption. The novelty compared to state-of-the-art energy simulation software is that it also integrates a generic set of tools and algorithms to set up and solve optimization problems related to the building thermal model. The use of the adjoint model, which is intrinsically implemented in the code, constructs fast and efficient algorithms to solve linear, non linear, constrained or unconstrained problems addressing a wide range of applications. The software is now handled by our startup ecotropy.

Cloud2IR is a software dedicated to the structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures thanks to long term thermal imaging. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is based on a generic approach of the acquisition system concept and the format of the data based on various standards like OGC, Hdf5, Genicam etc, which allows its application to many types of sensors.


In addition to our own developments above, members of the I4S team have contributed to existing commercial software packages:

ARTeMIS (Ambient Response Testing and Modal Identification Software) is an operational modal analysis software package from Structural Vibration Solutions A/S. Based on output-only vibration measurements, modal analysis is performed with state-of-the-art methods, and health monitoring is implemented in a SHM plugin. We have contributed with new subspace based methods regarding noise reduction and an optimized fast implementation, a merging algorithm for data from roving sensor setups, a statistical damage detection algorithm and an uncertainty quantification algorithm for subspace methods.

Matlab System Identification Toolbox is a widely distributed Matlab toolbox for modeling and identification of dynamic systems from input/output data. We have contributed with methods for non-linear system identification.