(closed) Software engineer / Audio-visual perception for robotics


Perception team (https://team.inria.fr/perception), at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes and Jean Kuntzman Laboratory at Grenoble Alpes University, works on computational models for mapping images and sounds onto meaning and actions. The team members address these challenging topics: computer vision, auditory signal processing and scene analysis, machine learning, and robotics. In particular, we develop methods for the representation and recognition of visual and auditory objects and events, audio-visual fusion, recognition of human actions, gestures and speech, spatial hearing, and human-robot interaction.

The team uses humanoid robots to demonstrate its results and it develops a software platform to ease implementation and integration of robotics software.


We are seeking an engineer to fullfill the following missions:

  • Co-develop software solutions with researchers, PhD students and engineers of the team. Developed algorithms address the following topics: computer vision, multi-modal signal processing, machine learning.
  • Perform data acquisition and data annotation to ease the benchmarking of learning methods developed by the team. These datasets are also used when testing on robots.
  • Maintain software already developed by the team : integration tests, benchmarks, etc.

Main activities

  • Implement software solutions based on algorithms developed by the team.
  • Propose set-up for dataset acquisition. Manage software tests to validate software performances and robustness in simulation mode and on robotic platforms.
  • Write deliverables.
  • Participate to technical meetings with team members.


  • Required : C/C++, Linux, Git, CMake
  • Desired : Bash, Jenkins, ROS, Python, OpenCV, Boost, Qt, Matlab
  • Appreciated : signal processing, mobile robotics, computer vision
  • English : fluent (technical)

How to candidate ?

Go to this page : https://jobs.inria.fr/public/classic/en/offres/2018-00348