Immersive teleoperation of a mobile manipulator for assistance at home

Auteur : Serena Ivaldi

General information

Encadrant Serena Ivaldi Luigi Penco
Bureau C014


Current telepresence robots are only “screen-on-wheels” that cannot interact with the world. For instance, they cannot be operated to open a door or grasp an object on the floor. The team recently acquired a TIAGO robot ( that combines a mobile base, an arm, and a vision system. We aim at teleoperating it with a motion capture system (Xsens Suit) and/or an haptic control device, combined with an Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet with joysticks.


The objective of the internship is to develop an immersive teleoperation software that can be used to tele-operate the Tiago so that it can effectively interact with the world (moving around, open a door, grasp an object on the ground, take the elevator, etc.).

Cadre du travail

The robot is controlled with the ROS framework. It will be deployed in the “smart apartment” (a replica of a small appartment equipped with many motion capture sensors, installed at Inria/Loria). The starting point will be the teleoperation software and the oculus driver developed in a previous internship.


Penco L, Clément B, Modugno V, Hoffman M, Nava G, Pucci D, Tsagarakis N, Mouret JB, Ivaldi S. (2018) Robust Real-time Whole-Body Motion Retargeting from Human to Humanoid. IEEE Humanoids 2018.

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