ANDY (2017-2020)

Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration (H2020 ICT Robotics RIA; 2017-2020) Recent technological progress permits robots to actively and safely share a common workspace with humans. Europe currently leads the robotic market for safety-certified robots, by enabling robots to react to unintentional contacts. AnDy leverages these technologies and strengthens European leadership by endowing robots …

CoDyCo (2013-2017)

Whole-Body Compliant Dynamical Contacts for Cognitive Humanoids (EU FP7 STREP, call ICT; 01/03/2013 – 28/02/2017) The aim of CoDyCo is to advance the current control and cognitive understanding about robust, goal- directed whole-body motion interaction with multiple contacts. CoDyCo will go beyond traditional approaches: (1) proposing methodologies for performing coordinated interaction tasks with complex systems; …

LAR (2014-2016)

LAR (Living Assistant Robot) (Investissement d’Avenir reseach & industry project; 2014-2016) The goal of LAR is to design a mobile assistant robot to improve the autonomy and quality of life for elderly and fragile persons at home. The LARSEN team is contributing to the project studying the robot navigation, perception and interaction, user modelling through …

MUROTEX (2014-2015)

MUROTEX (Multi-agent coordination in robotics exploration and reconnaissance missions) (Hubert Curien Partnerships; 2014-2015) The main objective of the project is to develop a distributed planning framework for efficient task-allocation planning in exploration and reconnaissance missions by a group of mobile robots operating in an unknown environment, considering communication constraints and uncertainty in localization of the …

PsyPhine (2015-2018)


RESIBOTS (2015-2020)

(ERC starting grant; 01/05/2015 – 30/04/2020) Details on Contact: Jean-Baptiste Mouret

SATELOR (2014-2018)

(Region Lorraine industry & research project; 2014-2016-2018) Economic mobilisation agency in Lorraine has launched in 2013 a new project Satelor providing it with 2.5 million Euros of funding over 3 years, out of an estimated total of 4.7 million. The Satelor project aims at developing services for maintaining safely elderly people with loss of autonomy at …

SCIARAT (2016-2018)

(Region Lorraine industry & research project; 2016-2018) Contact: Francois Charpillet