January 19th – Laurent Monasse: A 3D conservative coupling between a compressible flow and a fragmenting structure

Laurent Monasse: January 19 December at 3pm, A415 Inria Paris.

We will present a conservative method for three-dimensional inviscid fluid-structure interaction problems. Body-fitted methods are not well-suited for large displacements or fragmentation of the structure, since they involve possibly costly remeshing of the fluid domain. We use instead an immersed boundary technique through the modification of the finite volume fluxes in the vicinity of the solid. The method is tailored to yield the exact conservation of mass, momentum and energy of the system and exhibits consistency properties. In the event of fragmentation, void can appear due to the velocity of crack opening. In order to ensure stability in the presence of void, we resort locally to the Lax-Friedrichs flux near cracks.

Since both fluid and solid methods are explicit, the coupling scheme is designed to be explicit too. The computational cost of the fluid and solid methods lies mainly in the evaluation of fluxes on the fluid side and of forces and torques on the solid side. It should be noted that the coupling algorithm evaluates these only once every time step, ensuring the computational efficiency of the coupling.

We also analyze a corner instability of the conservative explicit immersed boundary method in the case of a Roe flux, explain its origin and propose a way to fix the issue.

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