Domain decomposition & model coupling

Structure-preserving schemes & discrete geometry

Reliability by a posteriori control & safe and correct programming

  • Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, University Paris VI (C. Cancès): a posteriori error estimates for multiphase and gradient flows & (B. Stamm, Y. Maday): adaptivity for computational chemistry
  • Department of Numerical Mathematics, Charles University in Prague (V. Dolejší, J. Málek, Z. Strakoš): adaptivity for implicit constitutive laws in Stokes and Navier–Stokes flows
  • LIPN, Paris-Nord University (M. Mayero): formal proofs of correctness
  • CEA LIST (F. Védrine, V. Prévosto) and LIX, École Polytechnique (É. Goubault, S. Putot): static analysis of programs

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