Multi-phase flows in porous media

We develop mathematical models and numerical methods for multi-phase multi-component flows in porous and fractured media. Discover

Numerical methods for polyhedral meshes

We design new compatible discretization schemes on deformed hexahedral meshes, polyhedral meshes, or meshes with hanging nodes. Discover

Adaptive parameter estimation

We study parameter estimation problems (here image segmentation) and design adaptive parameterization techniques. Discover

Compressible flows coupled with mechanics

We investigate viscid and inviscid compressible flows interacting with the surrounding structure (here numerical simulation of the effects of an explosion in a steel cylinder). Discover

A posteriori error estimates

We develop the theory of a posteriori estimates of all error components in numerical simulations (here estimated and actual error during iteration for a nonlinear Laplacian, adaptive inexact Newton method). Discover

SERENA research team
Simulation for the Environment: Reliable and Efficient Numerical Algorithms

The SERENA project-team is concerned with numerical methods for environmental problems. The main topics are the conception and analysis of models based on partial differential equations, the study of their precise and efficient numerical approximation, and implementation issues with special concern for reliability and correctness of programs. We are in particular interested in the guaranteeing the quality of the overall simulation process.
SERENA is a joint project-team between Inria and Ecole des Ponts. It has taken over the project-team POMDAPI which ended in May, 2015.


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