Research topics

The SERENA team is concerned with numerical methods for environmental problems. The methods and areas of application are:


  • Conception and analysis of models based on partial differential equations
  • Model coupling
  • Numerical methods
    • Finite element, finite volume, mixed finite element, and discontinuous Galerkin methods
    • Structure-preserving numerical discretizations, polygonal and polyhedral meshes
  • Discrete geometry
  • Solvers
    • Domain decomposition
    • Newton–Krylov and Newton–multigrid nonlinear algebraic solvers
  • A posteriori error estimates, adaptivity, efficiency
  • Functional programming and formal proofs for scientific computing
  • Reliability (guaranteed error bound) of the overall numerical simulation process


  • Multiphase flows and transport of contaminants in the subsurface
    • fractured and porous media
    • subsurface depollution after chemical leakage
    • nuclear waste disposal in deep underground repositories
    • geological sequestration of CO2
  • Complex Stokes and Navier–Stokes flows
  • Energy production, sustainable use of resources
    • shock waves impinging on deformable or fragmentable structures

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