ICRA 2018 Tutorial on Vision-based Robot Control

Monday, May 21, afternoon – Brisbane


As for humans and most animals, vision is a crucial sense for a robot to interact within its environment. Vision-based robot motion control, also named visual servoing, is a general approach to close the perception-action loop. It has given rise to an incredible amount of research and successful applications from the creation of the fields of robotics and computer vision several decades ago. The aim of the tutorial is to provide a comprehensive state of the art on the basic concepts, methodologies, and applications, as well as to present the recent spectacular results obtained from deep learning.

Four lectures will be presented by renowned experts, including time provided for questions and discussion, the last one more related to application and implementation issues.


François Chaumette
Robert Mahony
Serguey Levine
UC Berkeley
(To be confirmed)
Fabien Spindler


Program – Monday, May 21, afternoon

Geometric and photometric vision-based robot control: modeling approach
François Chaumette, Inria, Rennes
Visual servoing for aerial and dynamics systems
Rob Mahony, ANU, Canberra
Vision-based robotic control with deep learning
Serguey Levine, UC Berkeley (To be confirmed)
Visual servoing with ViSP
Fabien Spindler, Inria, Rennes

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