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Mixcam Software

The Mixcam Software has been developed over the two past years, by the engineers of the Perception team : Michel Amat Pierre Arquier Quentin Pelorson The software is dedicated to the Mixcam Laboratory. The software provides an easy-to-use interface to researchers for 3D reconstruction algorithms/visualization and multiple cameras  data acquisitions. Functionalities Acquistions & Calibration : Users …

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MIXCAM Dataset

Mixcam data-set consists of five scenes that are captured by a three-sensor camera including a low-resolution (176×144) Time-of-flight (range) camera and two high-resolution (1624×1224) color cameras (TOF+Stereo). The tof sensor is the SR4000 model by Mesa Imaging. The inter-sensor syncronization is very accurate owing to a specific hardware developed by 4D View Solution. We also …

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Protected: The AVFOA dataset

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