March 16 – Bochra Mejri: Topological sensitivity analysis for identification of voids under Navier’s boundary conditions in linear elasticity

Bochra Mejri: Monday 16 March at 15:00, A415 Inria Paris.

This talk is concerned with a geometric inverse problem related to the two-dimensional linear elasticity system. Thereby, voids under Navier’s boundary conditions are reconstructed from the knowledge of partially over-determined boundary data. The proposed approach is based on the so-called energy-like error functional combined with the topological sensitivity method. The topological derivative of the energy-like misfit functional is computed through the topological-shape sensitivity method. Firstly, the shape derivative of the corresponding misfit function is presented briefly from previous work. Then, an explicit solution of the fundamental boundary-value problem in the infinite plane with a circular hole is calculated by the Muskhelishvili formulae. Finally, the asymptotic expansion of the topological gradient is derived explicitly with respect to the nucleation of a void. Numerical tests are performed in order to point out the efficiency of the developed approach.

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