24th March – ‪Miloslav Vlasak: A posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin method

Miloslav Vlasak Thursday 24th March at 11:00



We will present a posteriori error estimate for higher-order time discretizations, most importantly for the discontinuous Galerkin method, cf. [1]. Rather than the presentation of the estimates themselves, the talk shall focus on the most important ideas behind and their possible application to spatial nonconforming discretizations, most importantly to the discontinuous Galerkin method again. Overall, the talk shall rather focus on open problems than on the presentation of the fully completed results.

Additionally, the ideas of reconstructions by the Radau polynomials that are the core ideas in a posteriori error estimates for time discretizations can be exploited for the direct efficiency analysis of the derived estimates. This can enable tracking the dependence of the efficiency constant on the discretization polynomial degree in 1D, cf. [2]. Possible extensions of this result to multiple dimensions shall be discussed.


[1] V. Dolejsi, F. Roskovec, M. Vlasak: A posteriori error estimates for higher order space-time Galerkin discretizations of nonlinear parabolic problems, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 59, N. 3, 1486–1509 (2021)

[2] M. Vlasak: On polynomial robustness of flux reconstructions, Appl. Math. 65, N. 2, 153–172 (2020)

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