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Team Robots

Team Robots

IP info

Lito Shoebox pc
Nao Ears Stereo
Nao Ears 12 micros 194.199.23.?
Popeye pc 194.199.23.?

Hardware info

Robot Name Type Constructor How Many ? More info
Lito Robotic head with 1 camera, 4 micros, 3 DOF motor Samsung 1
Nao Humanoid robot with 1 or stereo camera, 4 micros, 2 DOF motor head Softbank/Aldebaran 3
Popeye Robotic head with 2 HD camera, multi micros 4DViews 1

Software info

Robot Name Software Datasets
Nao check ral-nas7:/ral_perception/private_data/

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Nao/Pepper Robots

Nao/Pepper robot and Aldebaran Software Info NaoQI Naoqi : NaoQi > 2.4 Choregraphe Choregraphe : Choregraphe suite Licences for Choregraphe ID Licence Nombre d’utilisateurs Numero de série 1 452c-0546-073c-757a-25f56-7745-507e-0f50-5f49-5d41 — ALDR1312N007152 2 653c-2556-677c-627b-7f45-5742-601e-6c30-5f44-5046 — ALDR1312N007152 3 657e-1544-4771-3578-4f54-470f-600e-2f70-5f46-5146 10 ALDR1312N170070 Pepper Robot Related code/software To be continued … How to disassemble a Pepper Doc on how …

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