Mini Course

Our visitor Isaac Sonin, from the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, UNC Charlotte, gave a mini course on Advanced Markov Chains:

  1. “A general survey of numerous applications of Censored Markov Chains”, Tuesday 4/04/2017, 14h.
  2. “The parallel computations for large MCs . Islands and Ports model”, Wednesday 5/04/2017, 14h.
  3. “Markov chain Tree Theorem and modern calculations – idempotent (tropical) calculus”,Thursday 6/04/2017, 11h.
  4. “The Decomposition – Separation theorem and consensus algorithms”, Friday 7/04/2017, 14h.
  5. “Optimal stopping of MCs, Gittins index and related problems”, Monday 10/04/2017, 11h.

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