Industrial grants

NEO members are involved in research with industrial partners.

NEO is involved in joint labs with major companies:

  • Inria-Nokia Bell Labs (aka Inria-Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs) joint laboratory: the joint laboratory consisted of three ADRs (Research Actions) in its first phase (2008–2012) and consists of six ADRs in its second phase (started October 2012). NEO members participated in 3 ADRs of the first phase and participate in one ADR in the second phase. Read more about this.
  • Inria-Orange Labs (IO Labs). Read more about this.
  • Inria-Alstom joint laboratory: the joint laboratory consists of four projects. NEO members participated in project P11.

NEO currently works on conventions with:

  • Huawei: see more about it
  • Qwant: see more about it
  • AzurSoft, a software company in Nice
  • MyDataModels, a company in Sophia Antipolis

In the past, we realized research contracts with:

  • Ignilife, a Startup of Sophia Antipolis
  • NSP
  • LucieLabs, a Startup of Sophia Antipolis
  • Thales Alenia Space France

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