Memory-Augmented Models for low-latency Machine Learning Services (MAMMALS)

A machine learning (ML) model is often trained for inference’s purposes, that is to classify specific inputs (e.g., images) or predict numerical values (e.g., the future position of a vehicle). The ubiquitous deployment of ML in time-critical applications and unpredictable environments poses fundamental challenges to ML inference. Big cloud providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, offer their “machine learning as a service” solutions, but running the models in the cloud may fail to meet the tight delay constraints (≤10 ms) of future 5G services, e.g., for connected and autonomous cars, industrial robotics, mobile gaming, augmented and virtual reality. Such requirements can only be met by running ML inference directly at the edge of the network—directly on users’ devices or at nearby servers—without the computing and storage capabilities of the cloud. Privacy and data ownership also call for inference at the edge.

MAMMALS is an Inria exploratory action. It investigates new approaches to run inference under tight delay constraints and with limited resources. In particular, it aims to provide low-latency inferences by running—close to the end user—simple ML models that can also take advantage of a (small) local datastore of examples. The focus is on algorithms to learn online what to store locally to improve inference quality and adapt to the specific context.


We have a postdoc position to fill. If you are interested send an email to Giovanni Neglia.



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    A longer version is available on arXiv

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