Job offers

  • Internships

    We welcome each year interns, mostly at the Master level. Currently we do not offer particular subjects, but feel free to contact us if you have an excellent record in applied mathematics and/or engineering sciences, and if you have an interest in structural health monitoring.

  • PhD theses

    Currently, we offer the following PhD theses:

    • Modal analysis for wind turbine monitoring
      The objective of the thesis is the monitoring of the dynamic behavior of wind turbines based on sensors data. Modeling the structure in terms of eigenmodes is possible using Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) methods and more particularly the reduced stochastic models. These approaches (Stochastic Subspace Identification, SSI) have been developed in particular for simple civil engineering structures. To meet this objective, the following points should be successively addressed:

      • First of all, clarify which is the best OMA approach to detect dynamic behavior variations in sensors data due to physical modifications. These physical modifications will be simulated by mechanical models (IFPEN’s DeepLines Wind or NREL’s FAST models) which precisely reproduce the mechanical behavior of wind turbines. The OMA approach should address the problem of blade rotation.
      • On the other hand, provide confidence intervals to the identification algorithms results. This will provide measurement quality uncertainty for assessing correlation between OMA methods and numerical models.
      • Develop the most relevant OMA approach to detect and locate defects.

      The thesis is carried out in collaboration between IFP Energies nouvelles and Inria Rennes.

      • Required skills, if possible: civil engineering, automatic control, signal processing, parametric estimation, linear systems. Languages: Matlab
      • Start: September 2020
      • Duration: 3 years
      • Location: IFP Energies nouvelles – Lyon and Inria Rennes
      • Contact: Laurent Mevel (laurent.mevel(at)

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