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Marios Kaminiotis

I am a first year PhD student at Université Gustave Eiffel (Campus de Nantes) and part of a Marie Curie European Project named USES2. I am currently working in COSYS SII lab under the supervision of Vincent Le Cam, Dr. Romain Noel and Bastien Chapuis (CEA).

Research interests / field of activity:

My research project refers to the possibility of making a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system autonomous from the energy perspective. A SHM system contains  various parts such as networks of sensors, data acquisition units, processing units, data transmission units, damage identification algorithms and decision-making procedures. Each one of those parts have different power consumption that determines the overall power demand of the system.

To make the system self-powered, ambient energy sources should be able to provide the necessary power in order to match the power demands of the system. My research is focused on determining the optimal work mechanism (piezoelectricity, triboelectricity, etc.) to harvest an ambient source that correspond to a use case (SHM in bridges, railways, aircraft, etc.) and developping the proper configuration, in order to apply the SHM system in a selected use case and be able to operate without the need of an external power supply

Short bio:

Master of Science in Science and Technology of Polymers and Composite Materials, from Chemical Engineering Department, University of Patras. Bachelor of Science in Physics with specialization in Photonics, from Physics Department, University of Patras


Université Gustave Eiffel – Nantes Campus
Allée des Ponts et Chaussées
44340 Bouguenais