Development website: Link
Description: People at DEFROST are involved in the creation of the sofa-framework dedicated to the real-time modeling of soft-tissues for surgical simulation. The team will continue to participate the development of SOFA to be able to model and control soft-robots interacting with complex environment.


SoftRobots plugin for SOFA

Development website: Link
Contact person: Eulalie Coevoet.
Description: This SOFA plugin faciltate the modelling and control of a soft-robot. The real-time control of the desired motion of the soft-robot is made possible with the use of a very fast inverse Finite Element method. This project was financed by Inria: ADT DACCORD.


Model Order Reduction plugin

Development website: Link
Contact person: Olivier Goury and Felix Vanneste.
Description: This plugin guides you through the steps to build a reduced version of your SOFA simulation that you can run at high frame rate.

Cosserat plugin

Development website: Link

Contact person: Yinoussa Adagolodjo.
Description: This plugin can be used to model and control concentric tube robots, continuum robots actuated with cables, or pneumatic soft robots with a constant cross-section.



Development website: Link
Contact person: Etienne Ménager

Description: Software toolkit to easily create an OpenAI Gym environment out of any SOFA scene. The toolkit provides an API based on the standard OpenAI Gym API, allowing to train classical Reinforcement Learning algorithms. The toolkit also comprises example scenes based on the SoftRobots plugin for SOFA to illustrate how to include SOFA simulations and train learning algorithms on them.


Development website: Link
Contact person: Damien Marchal.
Description: This plugin contains Sofa Templates to ease the writing of scene by providing pre-build objects. The library also contains cool utilitary function we should always consider to use.


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