The team is involved in several projects that are funded by institutional and industrial partners.

Soft surgical robots

This project has been submitted to ERC Consolidator Grant in 2015 (Grade B after Oral) and 2016 (Grade A but unfortunately, not sufficient funding). Given the good grades of the project, we have received the financial support of ANR  and ERDF to submit a new version of the project.

ANR (French research founding public agency): ERDF (European Regional Development Fund):



Soft gripper design and simulation (Industrial application)

We are working with TDR on the design and simulation of new grippers using our simulation framework. The work is confidential but you can visit this tutorial page that provides 2 documented examples of soft gripper simulation.



Surgical simulation

We have two ongoing research contracts on surgical simulation:




Initiatives for Science, Innovation, Territories and Economy (I-SITE)

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