Computational Cardiology

We focus on the development of personalised computational models of the heart, designed to help diagnosis and therapy planning. Our current challenges are related to new levels of modeling and new clinical applications (pharmacokinetics, screening…). It also integrates new sources of measurements and the access to very large multimodal databases of images and measurements, at various spatial and temporal scales (connected sensors, biobanks…). Our goal is to combine two complementary computational approaches, machine learning and biophysical modelling, to leverage their added value.


  • Maxime Sermesant, Group leader
  • Pamela Moceri, Cardiologist, Nice University Hospital
  • Tania Bacoyannis, PhD student
  • Nicolas Cedilnik, PhD student
  • Jaume Banus Cobo, PhD student co-supervised with Marco Lorenzi
  • Shuman Jia, PhD student co-supervised with Xavier Pennec
  • Buntheng Ly, PhD student
  • Gaetan Desrues, Master intern co-supervised with Hervé Delingette
  • Yingyu Yang, Master intern


  • Sophie Giffard-Roisin
  • Rocio Cabrera-Lozoya
  • Roch Molléro
  • Nicolas Duchateau
  • Tommaso Mansi
  • Jatin Relan
  • Kristin McLeod
  • Adityo Prakosa
  • Nicolas Toussaint
  • Loic Cadour
  • Florian Vichot
  • Ken Wong
  • Antoine Despinasse


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