Team Members

Team Leader

Nicholas Ayache

Keywords: Biomedical Image Analysis and Simulation

Office: F230, Fermat Building

Email: Nicholas.Ayache [at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 61


Hervé Delingette

Keywords: Surface Regularization, Image Segmentation, Surgery Simulation, Cardiac Modeling, Brain Modeling.

Office: F225, Fermat Building

Email: Herve.Delingette[at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 77 64

Marco Lorenzi

Research Interests: Statistical Learning, Multimodal Brain Image Analysis, Imaging Genetics, Computational Clinical Neuroscience, Spatio-temporal Models

Office: F209, Fermat Building

Email: Marco.Lorenzi[at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 62

Xavier Pennec

Keywords: Computational Anatomy, Medical Image registration, statistical computing on Riemannian Manifolds, Lie Groups

Office: F228, Fermat Building


Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 64

Maxime Sermesant

Keywords: Cardiac Modelling, Cardiac Image Processing, Model Personalisation.

Office: F227, Fermat Building

Email: Maxime.Sermesant[at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 78 11

External Collaborators

Nicolas Nicolas Duchateau

Research Interests: computational anatomy, pattern analysis, cardiac imaging

Email: nicolas.duchateau[at]

herve Hervé Lombaert

Research Interest: Statistical Learning, Spectral Graph Theory, Registration, Segmentation

Office: F207, Fermat Building

Email: herve.lombaert[at]

Phone: +1 (609) 403-0002

Team Assistant

Isabelle Strobant

Office: F229, Fermat Building

Email: Isabelle.Strobant[at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 60

Fax: +33 4 92 38 76 69

Research Engineers

Marco Milanesio

Research Interest: Cluster scheduling, Network Traffic Measurements,
Data Center Networking, Distributed Storage, Distributed Systems

Email: marco.milanesio[at]


Marie Deprez

Research Interest: Analysis of ‘omics’ data and their integration to the understanding of complex biological conditions.

Email: marie.deprez[at]

Dimbihery Rabenoro

Research Interest: Central Limit Theorems on Manifolds, PCA, Large Deviation Statistics

Email: dimbihery.rabenoro[at]

Graduate Students

Nicolas Cedilnik

Research Interests: Cardiac electrophysiology, Modelling, Image processing

Office: F226, Fermat Building

Email: nicolas.cedilnik[at]


Phone: + 33 4 92 38 76 22

Clément Abi Nader

Research Interests: Statistical Learning of Heterogeneous Data in Large-Scale Clinical Databases

Email: clement.abi-nader[at]

Jaume Banus Cobo

Keywords: Biomedical image analysis, Machine learning, Model personalization, Statistical learning

Email: jaume.banus-cobo[at]

Tania Marina Bacoyannis

Research Interests: Cardiac Modelling, Electrophysiology, Inverse Problem, Machine Learning

Office: F226, Fermat Building

Email: tania-marina.bacoyannis[at]

Zihao Wang

Research Interests: Statistical Learning in Medical Images Analysis, Deep Learning, Digital Signal Processing, and Modeling

Office: F210, Fermat Building


Nicolas Guigui

Research Interests: Statistics on Manifolds, Machine Learning, Medical Image Registration

Office: F223, Fermat Building

Email: nicolas.guigui[at]

Phone: +33 4 92 38 79 26

Luigi Antelmi

Research Interests: Statistical Learning, Multimodal Brain Image Analysis, Computational Clinical Neuroscience

Email: luigi.antelmi[at]

YannYann Thanwerdas

Research interests: Differential Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Machine Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces

Office: F224, Fermat Building

Email: yann.thanwerdas[at]

Buntheng Ly

Research Interest : Deep Learning; Medical Image segmentation; Cardiac Imaging

Office : F207


Gaëtan Desrues

Research Interest : Cardiac Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Finite Elements

Office : F224

Email: gaetan.desrues[at]

Florent Jousse

Research Interest : Statistical Shape Modelling, Non-rigid Registration, Image Processing

Office : F224

Email: florent.jousse[at]

Hind Dadoun

Research Interest : Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Statistical Learning

Office : F216

Email: hind.dadoun[at]

Paul Tourniaire

Research Interest : Statistical learning, Multi-omics models, Immunotherapy

Office : F216

Email: paul.tourniaire[at]

Victoriya Kashtanova

Research Interest : Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data generation, Medical image analysis, Model Personalisation and Global optimisation of multi-dimensional functions.

Office : F226, Fermat Building

Email: victoriya.kashtanova[at]


Santiago Silva-Rincon

Research Interest : Federated Learning

Email: santiago-smith.silva-rincon[at]

Morten Pedersen

Research Interest : Stochastic Processes on Manifolds, Sub-Riemannian Geometry

Office : F223

Email: morten.pedersen[at]


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