Team Presentation

The team Carmen is part of the modeling group of the IHU LIRYC, the electrophysiology and heart modeling institute in Bordeaux. It collaborates actively with the clinical, imaging, cellular electrophysiology, and signal processing groups. It develops mathematical models and numerical methods in order to simulate the propagation of the cardiac action potential, from the cellular scale to the scale of the body. It aims at improving:

  • our knowledge and the treatment of electrical cardiac pathologies;
  • the exploitation of all available electrical signals.

The overall objectives of Carmen pertain both to the fields of numerical sciences, and to medical sciences through close collaborative research. The objectives in numerical sciences concern the progress to be made on data- and image-based modeling of cardiac electrophysiology, and model-based inverse reconstruction or interpretation of electrical signals. The goal in medical sciences is to contribute to the objectives of LIRYC concerning atrial fibrillation, sudden cardiac death due to ventricular fibrillation, and heart failure. Software tools are important for the success of this research.


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