Academic Collaborations


  • University College Cork, Ireland, code and cryptography group (2009+)
  • Imec, Belgium (2008+) on scenario-based fixed-point data format refinement to enable energy-scalable of Software Defined Radios (SDR)
  • University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, CoDesign (2005+) on massively parallel embedded reconfigurable architectures and on dynamic reconfiguration optimisation in the mesh fabric
  • Lund University, Sweden on constraints programming approach application in the reconfigurable data-paths synthesis flow
  • University of Girona, Spain, Computer Vision and Robotic Group, Institute for Informatics and Applications on parallel architectures for vision algorithms applied to underwater robot
  • University of Eindhoven, Netherlands on reconfigurable data-path synthesis
  • University of Leiden, Netherlands on parallel architecture synthesis


  • The University of Auckland, New Zealand, PARC Lab on fault tolerant scheduling on multi-processor (2016+)
  • University of Massachusetts, USA, VLSI CAD Lab (2009+)
  • University of Adelaide, Australia, CHiPTec (2009+)
  • Laval University, Québec, Canada, LRTS laboratory (2003+) on architectures for MIMO systems, funded from FFQR and INRIA Associated Team ASTER
  • Québec University, Trois-Rivières, Canada, LSSI laboratory (2002+), on architectures for digital filters and mobile communications
  • Colorado State University, Fort-Collins, USA, in the context of the Equipe Associée INRIA LRS.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA on optimised application specific reconfigurable architectures design
  • University of Queensland, Australia on reconfigurable architectures for scientific processing
  • University of California, Riverside, USA on optimized image processing applications synthesis
  • University of Douala, University of Yaoundé and University of Dschang in Cameroun on models and tools for parallelization, SARIMA GIS for the development of research laboratories in Mathematics and Computer Science in Africa
  • ENIT, Tunisia on architectures for mobile communications


Industrial Collaborations

Members of CAIRN team have collaboration with large companies and SMEs.

  • STmicroelectronics (Grenoble)
  • Alcatel (Lannion)
  • France-Telecom Orange Labs (Lannion)
  • Thomson (Rennes)
  • Thales (Colombes)
  • Atmel (Nantes), Xilinx (USA), Phillips (NL), Infineon (AU)
  • Geensys (Nantes), R-interface (Marseille), Ditocom (Rennes), Sensaris (Grenoble), Envivio (Rennes), Sestream (Paris)