Team members

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Main sites: [L] = Lannion, [R] = Rennes            Secondary sites: [G] Grenoble, [S] Saclay, [P] Palaisseau

Team Leader

Olivier Sentieys, [L], Professor, University Rennes 1

Permanent Researchers

Associated Permanent Staff

  • Laurent Perraudeau, [R], Ass. Prof., ISTIC, University Rennes 1

Administrative Assistants

  • Emilie Carquin, [L], ENSSAT
  • Nadia Derouault, [R], INRIA
  • Joëlle Thépault, [L], ENSSAT

Postdocs and Temporary Lecturers (ATER)

Temporary Research Engineers

  • Pierre Halle, [L], Temporary Engineer, University Rennes 1
  • Mickaël Le Gentil, [L], Temporary Engineer, University Rennes 1 (shared with Granit team)

PhD students

  • Thibault Allenet, [Saclay], CEA Grant since March 2019
  • Minh Thanh Cong, [R], Vietnamese Gov. grant since May. 2017
  • Minyu Cui, [R], China Gov. grant since Sept.2018
  • Corentin Ferry, [R], University grant since Sept. 2019
  • Cédric Gernigon, [R], INRIA/CNES grant since Oct. 2020
  • Van Phu Ha, [R], INRIA grant (Artefact project) since Nov. 2017
  • Jaechul Lee, [L], (ARED/Lannion Trégor Communauté) since Dec. 2018
  • Thibaut Marty, [R], University grant (Argo/ARED) since Sept. 2017
  • Romain Mercier, [L], INRIA/DGA grant since Oct. 2018
  • Davide Pala, [R], INRIA grant (IPL ZEP) since Jan. 2018
  • Joel Ortiz Sosa, [L], INRIA grant (Cominlabs/ARED) since Oct. 2016
  • Yuxiang Xie, [R], INRIA grant (ANR AdequateDL) since Oct. 2020

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