Call for founding members for the Scotch Consortium

Thirty years, to the day, after the first line of code of Scotch was written, we launch the process of creation of an open consortium around it.

Scotch is now widely used, either within in-house or third-party software, both in academic and industrial contexts. Some of our users, who decided to made Scotch one of the building blocks of their strategic technologies and assets, may require strong assurance about the durability of Scotch and its ability to match their specific current and future needs. Such needs may not all be addressed within the context of the scientific roadmap of the software.

We believe that a consortium, bringing together organizations interested in furthering Scotch, is the best solution to address these issues. Unlike a community, a consortium allows sharing the governance between all of its Members. It also allows every Member to participate in the software roadmap, and to get adequate support. It ensures Scotch stays permanently maintained, and available to the worldwide community under a free/libre software license.

The Scotch Consortium is planned to be created in June 2023, when enough prospective members have declared their interest and made a commitment.

If you are interested in joining the Scotch Consortium, please find below:
– The Preparation document for the Scotch Consortium, which explains the purpose and operations of the planned consortium, including member levels and fees;
– A model of commitment letter.