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hwloc 2.9.0rc1 published

A new major release candidate hwloc 2.9.0rc1 was published. It brings several improvements, including early support for CXL memory.

Call for founding members for the Scotch Consortium

Thirty years, to the day, after the first line of code of Scotch was written, we launch the process of creation of an open consortium around it. Scotch is now widely used, either within in-house or third-party software, both in academic and industrial contexts. Some of our users, who decided to made Scotch one of …

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B. Goglin talks about CXL on Dec 6th

Brice Goglin will give talk about the Compute Express Link (CXL) on December 6th. Title: CXL? What’s this buzzword that was everywhere at SC22? Abstract: The Compute Express Link is a new interconnect that allows to share different kinds of memory between CPUs and accelerators with cache coherence. CXL-compatible CPUs and memory expansion devices are …

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P. Swartvagher defends his PhD on November 29th

Philippe Swartvagher will defend his PhD entitled “On the Interactions between HPC Task-based Runtime Systems and Communication Libraries” at LaBRI on November 29th. The jury will be composed of: – M. Denis Barthou, Professor – Bordeaux INP (President) – M. George Bosilca, Assistant Professor – University of Tennessee (Examiner) – M. Alexandre Denis, Researcher – …

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Florian Reynier defends his PhD

F. Reynier defends his PhD entitled “Étude sur la progression des communications MPI à base de ressources dédiées” on June 24th at University of Bordeaux.

Postdoc position on Heterogeneous Memory

A 2-year postdoc position is available in the TADaaM team for working on heterogeneous memory in the H2M project.

N. Vidal defends his PhD.

Nicolas Vidal defends his PhD entitled “Data-aware Scheduling at higher scale” at Inria Bordeaux on Monday January 31st.

A. Rubio Proaño defends his PhD thesis on October 7th

The PhD thesis is entitled “Data Placement Strategies for Heterogeneous and Non-Volatile Memory in High Performance Computing”.

hwloc nominated for academic open-source project reward

Hardware Locality is nominated for a French reward for academic open-source projects

Two postdoc positions available

The team is recruiting two postdoc researchers: Modelization of IO congestion. The profile is pretty open from theoretical to applied. Feel free to contact G. Pallez directly if you are interested to know more about the position. Design of strategies and tools for placing HPC tasks and data on heterogeneous memory architecture. Contact B. …

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