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hwloc 2.6.0 published

A new beta hwloc release 2.6.0 was published. It brings better support for hybrid CPUs, AMD GPUs, Linux memory binding, and more.

A. Rubio Proaño defends his PhD thesis on October 7th

The PhD thesis is entitled “Data Placement Strategies for Heterogeneous and Non-Volatile Memory in High Performance Computing”.

hwloc nominated for academic open-source project reward

Hardware Locality is nominated for a French reward for academic open-source projects

Two postdoc positions available

The team is recruiting two postdoc researchers: Modelization of IO congestion. The profile is pretty open from theoretical to applied. Feel free to contact G. Pallez directly if you are interested to know more about the position. Design of strategies and tools for placing HPC tasks and data on heterogeneous memory architecture. Contact B. …

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Engineer position available

We are looking for an engineer for analyzing the I/O behavior of HPC applications

V. Honoré defends his PhD thesis on October 15th

Valentin Honoré will defend his PhD thesis entitled “HPC – Big Data Convergence: Managing the Diversity of Application Profiles on HPC Facilities” at University of Bordeaux on October 15th. The jury will be composed of: Gabriel Antoniu, Director of Research – Inria (Examiner) Anne Benoit, Associate Professor – ENS Lyon (Reviewer) Ewa Deelman, Research Director …

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B. Goglin gave a Keynote at the SBAC-PAD conference

B. Goglin gave a keynote at the SBAC-PAD international conference. He talked about process placement, modeling hierarchical architectures and heterogeneous resources.

Hardware-based communicator split accepted in MPI 4.0

G. Mercier’s proposal for hardware-topology-based MPI communicator split passed the 2nd vote at the MPI Forum meeting on June 30th, which means it will be in the revision 4.0 of the MPI standard (official release in 2020Q4). The “Guided” mode is described here while the “Unguided” mode is here. A prototype implementation is already available …

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Talk by Ana Gainaru on December 16th

Ana Gainaru from Vanderbilt University (TN, USA) will present a talk entitled “HPC for All: Easy deployment for heterogeneous dynamic applications.”

Guillaume Mercier defended his habilitation

Guillaume Mercier defended his habilitation on December 4th. His habilitation is entitled “Challenges of Message Passing Evolution and Management of Hierarchical Hardware Topologies”.