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G. Pallez winner of the IEEE-CS TCHPC Early Career Researchers Award

Guillaume Pallez (Aupy) wins the 2019 IEEE-CS TCHPC Early Career Researchers Award for Excellence in High Performance Computing. The award will be presented at the SC19 conference that will be held in Denver next month.

hwloc 2.1.0 published

A new major hwloc release 2.1.0 was published. It brings many improvements for new processor and memory architectures.

Philippe Swartvagher joins the team as a PhD student

Philippe Swartvagher will work on interactions between high performance communication libraries and task-based runtime systems.

Francieli Zanon Boito joins TADaaM as an assistant professor

Francieli Zanon Boito is now assistant professor at University of Bordeaux. Her research interests include storage and parallel I/O for high performance computing and big data.  

PADAL Workshop in Bordeaux from Sept 9th to 11th

We are organizing the Fifth Workshop on Programming Abstractions for Data Locality (PADAL’19) at Inria Bordeaux from September 9th to 11th. More information on the workshop webpage

Talk by P. Swartvagher on collective communication on July 9th

Philippe Swartvagher will present his internship results about dynamic collective communications for StarPU/NewMadeleine.

Talk by Brice Goglin on Cache Partitioning on June 11th

Brice will present his article published at Cluster 2018 with ENS Lyon, UTK and Georgiatech. Title: Co-scheduling HPC workloads on cache-partitioned CMP platforms Co-scheduling techniques are used to improve the throughput of applications  on chip multiprocessors (CMP), but sharing resources often generates critical interferences. We focus on the interferences in the last level of cache …

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Talk by Emmanuel Jeannot on May 29th

Emmanuel Jeannot will present us an empirical study he achieved in the domain of process affinity. Title : Process Affinity, Metrics and Impact on Performance: an Empirical Study Abstract: Process placement, also called topology mapping, is a well-known strategy to improve parallel program execution by reducing the communication cost between processes. It requires two inputs: …

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Scotch 6.0.7 released!

Scotch, the software package for graph/mesh/hypergraph partitioning, graph clustering, and sparse matrix ordering, has a new 6.0.7 release. It extends the target architecture API and adds MeTiS v5 compatibility.

Talk by Valentin Honoré on April 11th

Valentin Honoré will present in this talk his recent works about in situ scheduling. This work has been done with G. Aupy, B. Goglin and B. Raffin (Inria Grenoble) Title : Modeling High-throughput Applications for in situ Analytics Abstract : With the goal of performing exascale computing, the importance of I/O management becomes more and …

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