Talk by Louis Peyrondet

On October, 23rd 2023, Louis Peyrondet, 2nd year student at ENSEIRB-MATMECA, will present us the work he has done during his internship last summer, under the supervision of Francieli Boito and Luan Teylo.

Title: A decentralized implementation of the IO-Sets method for I/O scheduling in HPC

Abstract: On large HPC infrastructures, the parallel file system (PFS) is shared by all concurrent applications. That causes interference, as I/O-intensive applications may slow down the I/O operations of others. Among the solutions proposed to mitigate this problem, I/O scheduling focuses on deciding, over time, which applications can do I/O operations and how they should share the available I/O bandwidth. In the Tadaam team of the Inria Center of the University of Bordeaux, an I/O scheduling method, called IO-Sets, was recently proposed and provided good results. However, the implementation of such algorithms in practice is complicated because of the need for global control, which typically involves a centralized scheduler that becomes a bottleneck at large scale. The goal of this internship was to create and study a decentralized implementation of IO-Sets inspired by multiple access control protocols from networks. For that, a proof-of-concept was developed in order to first evaluate the merits of this idea and to tune its parameters. This talk will present the results obtained during this internship and perspectives of future work.