Team Leader

Permanent Researchers

Administrative Assistant

  • Catherine Megrat – Inria


PhD Students


  • Valentin Hoyet – Inria
  • Adrien Guilbaud – Inria (Gordon project)


Former members

  • Remi Barat – former PhD student (CEA)
  • Cyril Bordage – former Post-Doctoral Fellows (Inria, funding from COLOC project), now at DDN
  • Nicolas Denoyelle – former PhD student (Atos/Bull), now at Argonne National Lab
  • Clément Foyer – former engineer (Inria, funding from ELCI project), now at Cray
  • Julien Herrmann – former Postdoc (Inria, funding from ANR Dash and Region project), now at CNRS Toulouse
  • Valentin Honoré – former PhD student (Univ. Bordeaux), now at CC-IN2P3
  • Cédric Lachat – former engineer (ELCI project), now at OVH
  • Benjamin Lorendeau –  former PhD Student (EDF)
  • Farouk Mansouri – former engineer (ELCI project), now at DDN
  • Thomas Ropars – former post-doctoral fellow (2014-2015), now Assistant Professor at University of Grenoble
  • Hugo Taboada – former PhD student (CEA), now engineer at CEA
  • François Tessier– former engineer (COLOC project), now Researcher at Inria Rennes
  • Adèle Villiermet – former PhD Student (Inria, funding from COLOC project)