hwloc 2.10.0 published

A new major release hwloc 2.10.0 was published.
v2.10.0 is a quite a big release with lots of improvements.
Most of them focus on heterogeneous memory (including CXL)
with the concept of “Tiers” to group similar kinds of NUMA nodes.

But there’s also better support for various CPUs (NVIDIA Grace,
LoongArch, AMD, Zhaoxin). And command-line tools have a lot
of new features. Netloc is also finally removed since many people
seem unaware of its death several years ago.

v2.10 is likely the last major release before the new v3.0
appears (hopefully early 2024). v3.0 will slightly break the API
and ABI, remove support from obsolete hardware, etc.
Additional v2.10.x stable releases (and even v2.11.x if necessary)
will be published in parallel to the v3.0 development and early