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hwloc 2.8.0 published

A new stable hwloc release 2.8.0 was published. It brings several improvements all over the place.

Scotch 7.0 published

We announce the release, as free/libre software, of version 7.0 (codename “Sankara”) of the Scotch + PT-Scotch software package. This is a major release, fruition of six years of development, which brings many innovative features.

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hwloc 2.0.0 and new memory technologies

TADaaM is releasing the new major hwloc 2.0 version which updates the way we model new memory technologies (HBM, NVDIMM, etc). This is the result of two years of work and several research papers about this new modeling and about improving support for manycore architectures at scale. The announce of hwloc 2.0.0

netloc models the entire Curie supercomputer

The TADaaM team succeeded at modeling the entire Curie supercomputing and its interconnection network (one of the largest in Europe, with more than 5000 nodes and 800 switches) thanks to its netloc software. This enables new mapping strategies for thousands of computing tasks in order to improve the performance of numerical simulation applications. Joint work with …

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hwloc v1.11.0 released

A new major hwloc release is available.

knem v1.1.2 released

A new stable knem release is available.