hwloc 2.2.0 published

A new major hwloc release candidate 2.2.0 was published. It brings several small improvements while waiting for much larger changes in 2.3.0 in a couple months.

Talk by Ana Gainaru on December 16th

Ana Gainaru from Vanderbilt University (TN, USA) will present a talk entitled “HPC for All: Easy deployment for heterogeneous dynamic applications.”

Guillaume Mercier defended his habilitation

Guillaume Mercier defended his habilitation on December 4th.

His habilitation is entitled “Challenges of Message Passing Evolution and Management of Hierarchical
Hardware Topologies”.

Talk by Jesper Larsson Träff on December 3rd

Cartesian Collective Communication “Advice to users”, “Advice to implementers”, and “Advice to Standardizers”

Cartesian Collective Communication (or stencil communication) is a restricted form of general, sparse, graph neighborhood collective communication as known in for instance MPI. The prime charactistic of Cartesian Collective Communication is that processes organized in a d-dimensional torus (or mesh) all communicate with the same, relative set of neighbors. In the talk, we discuss how Cartesian Collective Communication can be incorporated and used in MPI, giving both “advice to users”, “advice to implementers”, and “advice to standardizers”. We also present new, message-combining algorithms for efficiently supporting Cartesian Collective alltoall and allgather Communication (for small problems), and give of experimental results showing that this form of sparse collective communication can be supported with a performance advantage.


Talk by Laercio LIMA PILLA (LRI)

On November 4th, Laercio LIME PILLA, CNRS researcher at LRI (Paris) will present us his recent works about load-balancing in distributed environments.

The talk will take place in room Grace Hopper 2 at 4pm.


Slides of the talks can be found here:

Scalable Scheduling Distributed Algorithms & the Packing Model

Seminaire Bordeaux – 2019

G. Pallez winner of the IEEE-CS TCHPC Early Career Researchers Award

Guillaume Pallez (Aupy) wins the 2019 IEEE-CS TCHPC Early Career Researchers Award for Excellence in High Performance Computing. The award will be presented at the SC19 conference that will be held in Denver next month.

Philippe Swartvagher joins the team as a PhD student

Philippe Swartvagher will work on interactions between high performance communication libraries and task-based runtime systems.

NewMadeleine version 2019-09-06 released

A new stable release of NewMadeleine was published. It contains mostly bug fixes, a new one-sided interface, non-blocking collectives, and optimizations of blocking collectives. NewMadeleine is included in the pm2 package.

Francieli Zanon Boito joins TADaaM as an assistant professor

Francieli Zanon Boito is now assistant professor at University of Bordeaux. Her research interests include storage and parallel I/O for high performance computing and big data.


PADAL Workshop in Bordeaux from Sept 9th to 11th

We are organizing the Fifth Workshop on Programming Abstractions for Data Locality (PADAL’19) at Inria Bordeaux from September 9th to 11th.

More information on the workshop webpage