(English) Internal Seminar: Paola Antonietti

Jeudi 22 Septembre, a 15h, salle Jacques Louis Lions, Inria Paris.


Fast solution techniques for high order Discontinuous Galerkin methods
We present two-level and multigrid algorithms for the efficient solution of the linear system of equations arising from high-order discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of second-order elliptic problems. Starting from the classical framework in geometric multigrid analysis, we define a smoothing and an approximation property, which are used to prove uniform convergence of the resulting multigrid schemes with respect to the discretization parameters and the number of levels, provided the number of smoothing steps is chosen sufficienly large.  A discussion on the effects of employing inherited or noninherited sublevel solvers is also presented as well the extension of the proposed techniques to agglomeration-based multigrid solvers. Numerical experiments confirm the theoretical results.

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