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Abella online tutorial

A tutorial for Abella was recently presented at CADE 25 in Berlin by K. Chaudhuri and Gopalan Nadathur. The slides (PDF) are available online. All the demonstration examples in the tutorial can be viewed and executed online using the new experimental Abella in the Browser plugin.

Talk by Danko Ilik, 19 March 2013

Control operators as constructive extensions of intuitionistic logic Speaker: Danko Ilik Venue: Salle Philippe Flajolet, LIX, Alan Turing Building Date: 19 March 2013, 13h30 Since the observations of Felleisen and Griffin, in the early 1990s, that control operators from the theory of programming languages can be used to extend the Curry-Howard correspondence from intuitionistic to classical logic, …

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A talk by Zena Ariola

Zena Ariola (Professor from the University of Oregon) is currently visiting PPS in Paris.  She will visit LIX and give the following talk. Call-by-need: reduction, continuation passing style and abstract machine by Zena Ariola 27 Feb 2013, 11h, Salle Philippe Flajolet, Alan Turing Building INRIA-Saclay & LIX, Ecole Polytechinque We introduce the call-by-need calculus and discuss …

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A talk by Thanos Tsouanas

Our visitor Thanos will speak Tuesday (22 Jan) at 14h in Salle Marcel-Paul Schützenberger. Game semantics for disjunctive logic programming by Thanos Tsouanas Denotational semantics of logic programming and its extensions (by allowing negation, disjunctions, or both) have been thoroughly studied.  In 1998, a game semantics was given to definite logic programs by Di Cosmo, Loddo, …

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Chuck Liang speaks at 19 Dec at 11h

Chuck Liang (Prof, Hofstra University, NY, USA) will be visiting the Parsifal team the week of 17 Dec 2012.  He will give the following talk in Salle Philippe Flajolet (2017) of LIX on Wednesday 19 December at 11h.  -Dale Extending Intuitionistic Logic for Control From a relatively practical perspective, our goal is to achieve a …

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Florence Clerc speaks at INRIA-Paris

Florence Clerc was an intern with the Parsifal team during summer 2012.  On Friday, November 30 at 10:00 she will speak at the Deducteam seminar in room Verte 1 at INRIA, 23 avenue d’Italie (metro place d’Italie) on the 5th floor. Embedding constructiveness into classical logic via double negation translations or polarization Florence Clerc (INRIA and LIX, …

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Lamarche speaks on “Foncteur des chemins dans Cat”

On Nov 23 and 30 François Lamarche is giving a series of two talks at the PPS laboratory, Université Paris VII, as part of the Catégories supérieures, polygraphes et homotopie “Groupe de Travail”. The title of the series is “Foncteur des chemins dans Cat”.

Daniel Weller visits and speaks 23-24 Oct 2012

Daniel Weller from the Vienna University of Technology will give a talk on 23 October.  He will be visiting Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.  If you would like to meet with him, please send email to Dale. Considering Proofs As Services Daniel Weller,  Vienna University of Technology Tuesday, 23 Oct 2012, 15h, Saclay Salle Flajolet In this talk, we present …

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David Baelde visits and speaks

David Baelde (MdC, LSV, Cachen) will visit the team on Friday 12 Oct 2012.  A schedule of his visit is below. 10h30 – noon   informal discussions focusing on, say, Abella related topics. noon-14h         lunch 14h-15h30       talk by David.  Title and abstract below. 15h30-17h       informal …

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Daniel Seidel speaks 20/09 at 13h30

From Lutz Strassburger: I’d like to announce a talk by Daniel Seidel (University of Bonn, Germany) on    “Free Theorems in Languages with Real-World Programming Features” The talk takes place this Thursday 20/09 at 13:30 in the Prefab meeting room. Abstract:  Free theorems, type-based assertions about functions, have become a prominent reasoning tool in functional …

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