A talk by Thanos Tsouanas

Our visitor Thanos will speak Tuesday (22 Jan) at 14h in Salle Marcel-Paul Schützenberger.
Game semantics for disjunctive logic programming
Denotational semantics of logic programming and its extensions (by allowing negation, disjunctions, or both) have been thoroughly studied.  In 1998, a game semantics was given to definite logic programs by Di Cosmo, Loddo, and Nicolet, and a few years later it was extended to deal with negation by Galanaki, Rondogiannis, and Wadge.  Both approaches were proven equivalent with the traditional model-theoretic semantics.  In this talk I will describe the game semantics for disjunctive logic programs and outline a proof of soundness and completeness with respect to the minimal model semantics of Minker.